Slim Body For More Sexual Pleasure

A slim body and low waist-hip ratio are commonly considered physically attractive in females, because they are thought to indicate physical health and high fertility to a potential mate. And males are judged as being highly physically attractive for their slim waists and muscular chests.

A slim body can include various implications, such as sexual attractiveness, cuteness, and physique. Men and women when looking at a healthy partner see more possibilities; maybe working out together, dancing together, sports together, better sex together. Most dieters would rather have sex than eat, and say that exercise is the one healthy habit they find most difficult to embrace. Obesity or a slim body can have a significant effect on how people are judged, in terms of employment or social opportunities, friendship, sexual behavior, and marriage.

Good sex requires strong muscles the abdominals, and low back is involved in sex and keeping them strong and toned, may assist in better orgasms. In many cases, obesity, especially in the abdominal area, is attributed to male hormonal imbalance too. Obese people having high cholesterol and insulin resistance effects sexual desire, mostly in men. The likely result is impotence/erectile dysfunction resulting in low sex drive. Also obese people often have an altered hormonal state, which dampens desire. Physical activity, which is more in slim people, increases blood flow to the lower body also increases circulation and sensation to the genitals.

The fatter a person gets, the less they are interested in sex, and the less sex they get the more their bodies crave satisfaction from food. The physical limitations of excess weight can make sexual activity too strenuous, and the constant feelings of lethargy, caused by obesity, tend to diminish a person’s sex drive too. A slim can adopt any positions in love making so that freshness can be bought in to all episodes. Females with low waist can perform well in the love making than obese.