Interesting Cardiovascular Exercises

If you are into workouts, then you will hear a lot about cardiovascular exercises. In fact these should be included in your fitness plans. Cardio exercises not only help to burn fat but are also good for your heart and lungs. There are many ways to get your quota of cardio exercises. Let us examine a few.

Treadmills and elliptical machines have excellent built-in heart rate programs. Whether done at the gym or at home, these offer a great cardio workout. Elliptical machines offer low impact workouts benefiting both the arms and legs. Workout at your optimal heart rate with the right amount of resistance and reap the benefits of maximum fat burned as well as stronger heart and lung muscles.

Bicycling is another great form of cardio exercise. Invest in a stationary bike at home or cycle outdoors for a totally different ambience. Just ensure you cycle fast enough for an elevated heartbeat. You can even cycle to work if you live not too far away from your workplace.

If you are not exactly into machines, then joining a dance class, an aerobics class or even kick boxing classes are interesting options. There is a lot of action involved and you get to know lots of people with similar interests as these are usually held in groups.

Buy a pair of good jogging shoes and run in the nearby park. Running can be a fun way to boost the health of your heart and lungs. If you are fortunate to live nearby to jogging trails with their uphill as well as downhill terrains, these are even better. You burn more calories and build stronger bones too. However, running is considered high impact exercise and not so suitable for those with knee and joints problem.

Next on the list is swimming. A type of cardio exercise which involves the whole body muscles, swimming can be done throughout the year as most places offer indoor heated pools. Water games such as water polo and water aerobics are fun and highly effective as cardio exercises. Being supported by water, there is less of a risk of injuries to your joints.

Skipping with a rope is another great cardio workout. The cost involve is minimal and it can be done almost anywhere. If you are traveling, then all you need to pack is just your skipping rope and shoes.

Any activity which raises your heart rate will have some benefits. Choose the activity which best interest you. Decide whether you want high impact or low impact exercises, or perhaps you prefer to do your workout in groups with the help of a trainer. It is never too late to start.