How to Have Amazingly Sexy Body Language That Naturally Attracts Women

Guys, do you know how powerful your body language is? Most women use your body language as measures of the type of man you are. We do this to help filter out all the little boys from the real men. If you want more dates than you can handle, I suggest you read on!

How To Have Amazingly Sexy Body Language That Naturally Attracts Women

1. Slow Down…

This is the most hypnotic change you can make to the way you move. Slow everything down. I am talking about ALL your movements, from your walk to how fast you pull out your cell when someone is calling you.

Men who have slow movements seem to operate with a unique strength and confidence. You have no idea how powerful this is once you actually do it.

2. Lean Back…

NEVER lean into a conversation. This conveys desperation on your part. Desperation is what you DO NOT want!

Instead, go the opposite way and always lean slightly back. This says that you are fairly unattached to the conversation. It makes US lean into you to carry on talking. This conveys “disinterested interest”. You are still participating in the conversation, but you are not “locked in” to it.

We see this as a challenge. It keeps us curious about you. Curiosity is good, trust me.

3. Head Up…

Never EVER walk with your head down. Only look towards the ground when you MUST. Walking with your head slightly tilted up conveys a strong sense of pride and value.

Use common sense, guys. Do women want a guy who is proud of himself or one who can’t even look us in the eye?

Heads up, lean back, and slow down. Do this and you will be hypnotic to women.