Exercise For Your Body Type – The Best Muscle Building Tips

Determining your particular body type is essential to finding the work out best suited to you. There are endless combinations of exercises you can do, but finding the right combination for your body type isn’t often easy.

Ever hear of a hard-gainer? If you work out as long as hard as those around you and eat a good high protein diet every day, and still don’t gain the muscle you want, you may be what is called a hard-gainer. You are not reaching your goal because the workout you chose is the wrong one for your body type. Your body type requires a longer recovery time than many other people. Your muscles simply just take longer to grow than those around you. Lifting repeatedly without giving the muscles sufficient time to rest and grow can actually weaken the muscles, undermining your efforts.

If you carefully follow your current workout and diet plan and fail to see some real results within two months, you may be a hard-gainer. Try modifying your routine. Work out no more often than every other day, for no longer than 45 minutes to one hour at each session. Make sure you are eating at least two grams of protein a day for each pound of body weight. And don’t give up or fret. Try it for at least two months and see if there is an improvement in your physic. The added rest time just may be exactly what your body type needs to keep growing the muscle mass you want.