Body Transformation in Old Age – Is it Possible?

Aging can be defined as a natural phenomenon which refers to the physical changes in the body systems during the later years of your life. Aging causes individuals to experience health problems, a decrease in their social interactions and a less meaningful life. However, aging doesn’t mean the end of life and there are many activities that old people can do to actively participate in the life. Body transformation and body building is one area that is often associated with teenagers and young adults under the age of 35. It is generally believed that one can develop strong and lean muscles if he or she is young and weight training has nothing to do with the old age. But in reality, it is not true and old people can also develop a lean and muscular physique with a sound resistance training program combined with a carefully designed diet plan.

Although, it is true that a person can lose 6 to 7 pounds of muscle tissue each decade after young adulthood, which naturally occurs due to the slowing down of metabolism with growing age. Moreover, aging also weakens your immune system and may lead to the deposition of fat in your body. But with a combination of healthy habits, right weight training exercises and balanced diet, you can slow down the process of aging. If you are over 40 years of age and want to develop a muscular and strong body, it is a good idea that you look for the services of a professional gym trainer in your area. He not only will design right weight training exercises keeping in view your age and fitness level, but will also suggest you a balanced diet plan with an equal proportion of carbohydrates, protein vitamins and minerals.

For people over 50, patience is the key for getting a strong and muscular body. With the growing age, most of the systems in your body get slower including muscles development. This is the law of the nature and one has to accept this reality, whether he or she likes it or not. Therefore, it is important that you continue your training sessions without losing your heart. Although it will take time to develop your muscles, but you will definitely get them.

It is important to realize that building muscles is a best way to enhance a slowing mechanism. Therefore, weight or resistance training exercises make an excellent training routine to burn calories and build muscles for old people. Before starting routine workouts in the gym, make sure that you drink a glass of water so you don’t become hydrated during training session. Moreover, do some warm up exercises before starting your routine weight training workouts. It is also a good idea to take a protein snack such as yogurt, porridge, string cheese or a hard boiled egg after a workout to provide your body with enough protein to repair and grow your muscles. Start with 3 or 4 pound weight and work up to 6. Don’t over train your body as this may lead to injuries including sprains and lower back problems. Always keep in your mind that you will get a much longer period in order to heel from an injury as compared to a 20 or 30 years old fellow.