All You Need to Know About Allergies and Hay Fever

Almost everyone we know or any random person around us has allergies. Although not a major health disorder, it really is one of the most irritating health-related anomalies to have come across humans and could also lead to serious medical complications and aggravate asthma. Commonly a seasonal problem, with asthma, eczema and hay fever being the commonest chronic ailments of childhood, allergies effect people from all age-groups. The initial signs of the prevalence of such disorders could be anything from a red and stuffy nose to itchy, puffy and watery eyes.

A widespread ailment commonly known as the Hay Fever, effects people all over the world especially in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. This is when the trees, weeds and grasses release tiny pollen grains into the air and as we breathe in, these pollens end up in our throats and noses, triggering an allergic reaction known as Hay

Fever. As soon as this occurs, the immune system of the body releases antibodies as a defense mechanism against the pollens. The histamine produced by these antibodies irritates the upper respiratory passages, thus leading to swelling and sneezing. In the United States alone, more than 26.1 million people experience hay fever symptoms each year.

A prolonged spell of hay fever attacks may also cause chronic sinusitis and abnormal nasal growth. Therefore, it becomes imperative to control this menace as soon as the symptoms are observed. Hay fever could be controlled by avoiding the substance that causes the problem as well as through prescription medications that counteract the released histamine. Along with this alternate measures could be practiced at home as well.

Consumption of honey added to boiled minced grapefruit and lemon is an effective alternate solution. By following a clean, healthy and Vitamin C rich diet, one can always find an easy remedy for hay fever. In such circumstances, consumption of Trikatu capsules, Peppermint and Pippali, and Aloe -Vera juice in your daily diet could also have an alleviating effect on your body. Herbs like licorice have also been clinically proven to effectively deal with hay fever.

Ayurveda attributes an allergic reaction to certain qualities in the food or environment which cause an adverse reaction in an individual’s body. There are some very effective Ayurvedic remedies for hay fever and one such allergy supplement is AlgrCare. This herbal supplement provides an almost immediate relief with its antihistamine properties along with eliminating the allergens from the body, thus promising a two-folded solution to allergies. It. proven to have 1000 times more powerful anti-oxidant properties than vitamin C or E, AlgrCare is the complete herbal solution to all kinds of allergy-related problems. The herbs constituting AlgrCare also have a holistic influence of balancing and nourishing the entire physiology.

These astonishing facts, further strengthens the claim that Ayurveda even in today’s day and age, remains a wholesome solution to almost every health complication on the planet.