Don’t Let Your Snoring Keep You Up At Night – Help Is Here!

TIP! If you both smoke and snore, you may be able to address your snoring problem by stopping smoking. Smoking causes the tissues in your throat to become irritated, which in turn causes your throat to swell.

Sleeping all night in peace is an attainable goal, but only if you approach your snoring successfully armed with the right tactics. Instead of losing out on another night of sleep, check out the tips that follow.

TIP! Some people find sleeping with pillows stacked under their back to be helpful in reducing snoring. This puts you in a nearly sitting position.

One simple way to reduce snoring is to watch your sleeping position. Many people sleep on their backs since gravity forces their heads down, which closes the throat. Sleeping on your side allows you to position your head and neck more comfortably, resulting in clearer breathing and less snoring.

TIP! Although it sounds strange, sleeping pills can increase your snoring; therefore, by staying away from them, you will snore less. Sleeping pills cause all your muscles to relax, including muscles in your nose and throat.

Don’t use illegal drugs. They are known to contribute to difficulties sleeping including snoring. Drugs that relax you, like marijuana, can make you snore. Pain medications also have the same effect. You might like the relaxed feeling when you are still awake, but once you fall asleep, you will snore.

TIP! People who suffer from congestion because of allergies or other causes are likely to snore. Congestion makes passages and airways in the nasal cavity become blocked, which inhibits the flow of air and develops into snoring.

Smoking can exacerbate snoring; therefore, it is important to quit smoking. If you’re unable to quit successfully, try not to smoke for at least two or three hours prior to going to bed each night. Smoking causes the air passages to shrink due to swelling in the throat. Narrow airways create more snoring; therefore, by eliminating smoking you will not snore.

TIP! Nasal strips can be an excellent way to treat your snoring. Nasal strips strongly resemble Band-Aids.

Prevent snoring by using an over-the-counter remedy from the pharmacy. OTC snoring remedies are generally quite inexpensive, and you may just hit upon one that works for you. If not, you can consult your doctor for a prescription remedy; however, that may be more expensive. Many of these medications will reduce swelling, and therefore help with your snoring problem.

TIP! Reduce snoring by getting enough exercise throughout the day. Snoring is prevented by exercise because it regulates your breathing.

If you eat less at night, you will not snore as much. A larger meal close to bedtime will fill up the stomach. This causes your diaphragm to be pushed up into your throat. This increased pressure can cause your throat to be blocked. Reduced air flow and a narrow throat are two of the main factors in snoring.

TIP! Speak with your pharmacist about medications that can be taken to reduce your snoring. Although prescription treatments are also available, you may be able to save money if you can find an effective over-the-counter product.

Do not exercise too heavily within one hour of bedtime. Straining your body through exercise and lifting can make it hard for you to breathe at night. You can develop constricted airways that inevitably lead to snoring.

TIP! Push your tongue along the back side of your top teeth in the front to strengthen your throat muscles. For three minutes, keep sliding your tongue backwards and then bringing it back up against your teeth.

Put a humidifier in your bedroom and use it every night. These give off a steady stream of hot moisturizing vapor. Breathing the vapor into the nasal passages and throat can moisten your airways. One benefit can be a reduction in snoring.

TIP! You can decrease snoring by consuming smaller portions of food at night. Large meals eaten before bed will fill your stomach.

If you regularly snore, you might want to carefully consider what you eat immediately before you go to sleep. Things like alcohol, sleeping pills and antihistamines can cause the muscles in the throat to become lax. The result is that the muscles sag inwardly, blocking air and leading to snoring. Water is always the safest bet if you need to have something to drink before bed.

TIP! Eating dairy products can cause snoring. This is true even for those who are not known to be lactose intolerant.

Dairy products can cause snoring, even in those who do not suffer from lactose intolerance. They tend to increase your mucus production and accumulation, which blocks your nasal passages. You can consider drinking warm tea instead of your usual warm milk to see if this will reduce on your snoring.

TIP! Exercise your tongue consistently. It may sound like a funny idea, but if you keep sticking your tongue in and out of your mouth, it will get plenty of exercise.

Avoid falling asleep on your back, this can reduce the amount of snoring you do in the middle of the night. If you can’t figure out how to not sleep on your back, try attaching a large object to the back of your sleep attire. This will cause you to be uncomfortable if you roll onto your back while sleeping, and you will quickly re-position.

TIP! One way to help eliminate snoring is to avoid sleeping on your back. If you can’t figure out how to not sleep on your back, try attaching a large object to the back of your sleep attire.

Staying healthy and happy is easy to achieve if you deal with your snoring and get the sleep you need. Rectifying your snoring issues can actually save you from dealing with serious illness, and it’s easy to treat, so it is well worthwhile. With some luck, you’ll be able to resolve your problems easily.