Types of Sleep Disorders

There are many different types of sleep disorders that people can suffer from. They are caused by different reasons, some of which are physical and some of which are psychological. There are some sleep disorders that will affect children more than adults and others that affect all ages of people. There are also some sleep disorders that can make people violent, such as the REM sleep disorder. Whichever the case might be, people who are suffering with sleep disorders will seek ways to improve their sleeping patterns so that they can feel more rested during the daytime. If a person’s sleep is interrupted night after night, they can begin to feel fatigues and will not be able to concentrate to the best of their abilities. Their muscles and organs will not have adequate time to repair themselves overnight, and people’s skin will start to look aged.

Symptoms of Sleep Disorders

One symptom of having a sleep disorder is feeling tired every day, even when the person has gone to bed at a reasonable time and has had seven to eight hours of sleep. During the day, the person might feel like he is spontaneously going to fall asleep, even though he has apparently gotten enough sleep at night. There could be several things going on when this is the case, such as sleep apnea, where the person is not breathing at different times during the night, thus waking himself up to start breathing again. This can happen hundreds of times throughout the night so that the person never gets to go into the deep sleep that the body needs to repair itself.

Another problem is that the person is not able to get to sleep at night. These sleep disorders can also occur for many different reasons. Sometimes people suffer from periodic limb movement disorder and also restless legs syndromes where the legs cannot stop moving since they are restless. There is also a disorder where the person wakes up each day with a headache or aching jaw because they are clenching their teeth in the night. Some people also might suffer from night terrors, which wake them up screaming in the night.

There are many different cures that can be found to help with these different sleep disorders. In some cases, medication might help them and in other cases some devices might have to be used, such as a mouth piece to help with teeth grinding so that the person can sleep.