Types of Sleep Disorder Tests

Since there are many types of sleep disorders, there are also many types of sleep disorder tests that can be done to determine what type of sleep disorder that a person has. Sleep disorder clinics specialize in these tests, although medical doctors will also have different questionnaires to use with their patients who seem to be suffering from a sleep disorder. There are sleep disorder tests that help to determine insomnia and the possible reasons for it. There are sleep disorder tests that help to determine restless leg syndrome, REM sleep disorder, sleep terrors and more. Each of these tests requires a different process to be involved in the test. Some of the more in depth tests involve a sleep study, where the person will have to come into the facility to be monitored while they sleep in a laboratory setting. This is often the case with sleep apnea patients, since the doctor has to determine the type that the person has and what treatment method might work the best.

Other Sleep Disorder Tests

There are some sleep disorder tests that require the person to keep a diary of their sleeping patterns. They will need to record when they go to bed and when they get up in the morning. They will need to tell whether they woke up in the night and what happened when they did awaken. They will also need to record how they feel in the morning and any other pertinent information that might be useful to the doctor in making the diagnosis.

They might also be required to do a questionnaire which measures the amount of daytime sleepiness that the person has. This test is called the Epworth Sleepiness Scale and is useful in diagnosing insomnia. There is also the polysomnogram, which is a test that helps to measure the amount of activity that the person has while sleeping during the night. Another, similar test is called the actigraphy, which is a simple device which is worn on the wrist which can measure the movements that the person makes in the night. These sleep disorder tests can help doctors to determine what might be going on with that person so that they can prescribe something that can help them get better sleep at night.

There are also times when a mental health exam is the best sleep disorder test that the person can do, since the exam can help the person to sort out the events in his life and see what might be affecting his sleeping patterns.