Specialists in Sleeping: Sleep Disorder Clinic

Although there are many sleep disorder medications on the market today, not all of them will work for every individual. In order to determine what the right medication might be, doctors need to have certain tests run to find out what type of sleep disorder that the person has. There are sleep disorder clinics that specialize in these types of tests and are useful to family doctors who do not specialize in these types of problems. These sleep disorder clinics are set up to be able to do simple tests such as questionnaires and interviews with patients, and they are also set up to do sleep studies with those patients who need more specialized tests run for diagnosis or evaluation.

Types of Tests Performed In Sleep Disorder Clinic

When diagnosing insomnia at a sleep disorder clinic, people will usually have to answer some questions first about the things that are going on in their lives. They will need to tell whether they have been ill, if they have gained weight recently, and if they are going through any traumatic or stressful life situations that might be affecting sleep. Once the initial questions have been answered, the sleep disorder clinic may order further testing. They may have the person keep a sleep diary over a period of time so that they can evaluate the patterns that occur over time. They might also want the person to come into the sleep disorder clinic so that they can be hooked up to machines that will monitor breathing, heart rate, and movement during the night. These machines can tell whether the person is having sleep apnea, where they stop breathing in the night periodically, thus waking themselves up. They can also tell whether the person is having night terrors which are interrupting their sleeping patterns.

There are other cases where the sleep disorder clinic may have the person sleep with a wrist device which will track the movement that the person goes through in the night. In other cases, the doctors at the sleep disorder clinic may advise the person to go through a mental health evaluation so that they can determine if there are other issues in her life which are causing her to lose sleep on a regular basis. There are also tests that can be done on children who have sleeping disorders. Sleep disorder clinics can help parents decide if there is a problem with night terrors, or with bedwetting. They can also help them with methods that can help their children with these problems.