Is It Enough? Sleep Apnea Pillow

For those who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, they may start trying different home remedies to solve the disorder. While this is a valid starting place, the person needs to work very closely with the doctor to determine if the methods being tried are working and if they are enough for the severity of the sleep apnea. There are some cases where the sleep apnea can be life threatening, and in those cases, sleep apnea surgery might be the only option that is left for them to choose from. These types of surgery are usually in two categories. In one type of surgery, the surgeons remove the excess tissue that is in the throat region so that the airway is wider again. In another type of surgery, the person’s tonsils are removed since they are enlarged and press on the airway when the person is lying down.

Use Of Sleep Apnea Pillow

There are different types of sleep apnea pillows that can be found on the market today to help people to sleep on their sides rather than on their backs. There are also sleep apnea pillows that help to keep the head in the right position while sleeping so that the tongue and other tissues do not fall into the throat and block the airway. There are some sleep apnea pillows that are sewn into the back of some pajamas so that it is almost impossible for the person to turn over on his back during the night. There are other body pillows that can be placed against the person’s back while on his side so that it is more difficult for him to turn over. However, loose pillows do not stay in place in the night and the person is often able to turn to his back even with the pillow there.

There are cervical sleep apnea pillows which are specially designed for people who have sleep apnea. These pillows offer a solution which keeps the person’s head in the right position throughout the night. It does not always work for people who have moderate to extreme cases of sleep apnea, but it is one of the best versions of the sleep apnea pillow that is on the market today.

Besides sleep apnea pillows, there are other ways that people can reduce the problem. Losing weight is one way, cutting alcohol and smoking from the lifestyle is another way, and quitting any allergy, sedative, or anxiety medication that may have the side effect of causing sleep apnea.