Insomnia Medication: Versatile Options

Insomniacs crave to know the treatment options available to get them treated. This article lists out the various medications options available to treat this sleeping disorder. Have an idea and opt for the most suitable one.

Non-Prescription Insomnia Medication

The insomnia relief that patients acquire in their everyday life without any prescription is through the usage of commonly present antihistamines. These forms of drugs put you to sleep upon regular and timely consumption. Various brands of antihistamines are available as insomnia medication like Unison, Benedryl, Atarax or Vistaril, etc. However, these drugs do not cure the symptoms of insomnia and merely work as an instantaneous option.

Hypnotics, The Best Insomnia Medication

Benzodiazepine hypnotic drugs were the most prevalent insomnia medication, but now their counterparts with the exclusion of benzodiazepine are getting more successful because the side effects of benzodiazepines are quite lethal in case of over dosage. The common brands of Benzodiazepine hypnotic drugs are Xanax, Serax, ProSom, Doral, etc.  On the contrary, Zolpidem is the most helpful non-benzodiazepine drug. These all may be used on when-needed basis, but still the intake has to be strictly according to the limit set by the physician. Dependency on these drugs is a major factor and the withdrawal symptoms may occur in case of addiction.

Supplemental Herbs As Insomnia Medication

The trend of the world is shifting towards the more modern methods to deal with the insomniac issues. Now, the years-old traditions of various nations are revealed on a more contemporary basis and widely publicized and shared with rest of the world. Chinese herbs, ayurvedic techniques, and other natural elements are utilized as insomnia medication. The properties of herbs like Valerian roots, Kava, Chamomile, etc are now being used to the best as a remedial measure against insomnia and restore the natural balance in one’s life. These supplements come with natural origins and have minimal side-effects inflicted upon the users. Their progress in curing the disease might be slower than the synthetic ones, yet they offer a healthy alternative for some people who are wary of the other measures.

Verbal Therapies Along With Insomnia Medication

In certain cases, the oral insomnia medication is not mandatory as the psychiatric professional help can treat the disease verbally by sorting the situation out with the patients. Everyone suffering from the insomniac disorder cannot tolerate the drugs and the associated side-effects. Also, they are more comfortable in some activity-based treatment. Hence, they can easily seek refuge from the verbal therapy sessions with a psychiatric doctor and practice various physical and mental exercises prescribed.

Considering Insomnia Medication

While deciding the mode of insomnia medication, it’s imperative that you choose the one according to your other health issues, allergies and priorities. If any measure is followed devotedly in compliance with the instructions of a health professional, you may successfully get rid of insomnia.