Insomnia Causes: An In-Depth Analysis

Insomnia is one of the widespread sleeping disorders that has become common today. The root cause for the contraction of this sleeping disorder can vary depending on the type of insomnia. We present you the major causes or triggers that are often associated with this sleeping disorder in this article so as to enable you to proactively identify and get rid of the problem whenever a need arises for the same.

Transient/Acute Insomnia Causes

Transient Insomnia is the sleeping disorder that is prevalent for a period of a few days to a week or so while acute insomnia is the sleeping disorder that prevails for one to three weeks.

Both are not serious and the root causes can be environmental factors like change in ambient temperature that makes the person uncomfortable to sleep, humid atmosphere where the individual finds himself sweating throughout, and exposure to high intensity light when trying to sleep or the presence of intolerable noise that is often disturbing.

This type of insomnia can also be caused by sudden and abnormal changes in sleeping patterns that would constitute shift changes and jet lag that sets in due to relocation to a place with a different time zone. Physical discomfort like injuries and short term pain associated with different parts of the body can also cause transient/acute insomnia.

Intake of medicines, drug withdrawal, emotional factors like unexpected loss of job, differences in opinion within the family, fractious relationship with coworkers, and untimely demise of beloved ones can also contribute to acute/transient insomnia. Pregnancy and menopause can also cause sleeplessness in women.

However, irrespective of the root cause, this type of insomnia is not a serious variant and can be cured with the development of better sleeping habits and avoidance of the triggers that facilitate the problem of sleeplessness.

Chronic Insomnia Causes

Chronic Insomnia can be caused due to either mental or physiological problems. Mental triggers associated with chronic insomnia causes can be extreme anxiety due to long term worries, hallucinations/prolonged depressions, acute and prolonged stress either at workplace or at home and contraction of schizophrenia.

Physiological factors that prove to be the chronic insomnia causes constitute falling prey to fatigue and chronic pain or cardiac/pulmonary problems. Contraction of degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, sleep apnea, acid reflux disease and trauma related to chronic illnesses or threatening life scenarios can also act as triggers in case of chronic insomnia.

In this case of insomnia, a consultation with a doctor is highly essential. Resorting to daily work outs, sleep therapy and meditations are necessary for getting rid of this long term sleeping disorder.