Disturbing REM Sleep Disorder

There are some types of sleep disorders that can be very disturbing to the people who have them and others who are around them when they are sleeping. There is the sleep terror disorder, in which people get terrible nightmares in the night that wake them up screaming in most cases, often sweating and terrified. This one is not dangerous to those around the person having the terrors, but it is disruptive to all who are in the home. Children are likely to have these terrors, and will often outgrow them after a time. Another, more disturbing disorder is called REM sleep disorder. The REM sleep disorder is one in which the person dreaming often acts out those dreams in real life. This can be very dangerous to others who are in the home, since the dreams can be violent.

Behavior In REM Sleep Disorder

Those who have REM sleep disorder will often have dreams that cause them to enact what they are dreaming on the person who is with them in the bed. These behaviors will usually include things like punching, kicking and more. At times, the person can become even more physical than that, often leaping or jumping from the bed while asleep. The person who is in the bed with the person who has REM sleep disorder will awaken to the partner doing any of these violent behaviors and will often get the brunt of the physicality being inflicted.

A person having an REM sleep disorder can be awakened during the dream sequence, and when this happens, he will usually be able to recall the events that were going on in the dream to cause the actions that he is doing in real life. There are certain medications that have been found to be effective in the majority of the REM sleep disorder patients so that they no longer act out their dreams in real life. One of these is called Klonopin, and it often helps patients who have the disorder within the first night of taking it. They will have to take a pill every night at bedtime for the rest of their lives in most cases. After some time has gone by, they might resort to sleep talking and some limb movement, but the violent behaviors should still remain in check. There are some other types of drugs that have also been found effective in REM sleep disorder patients, but they can also have the reverse effect and escalate the problem. These drugs are tricyclic antidepressants.