Disconcerting Sleep Terror Disorder

There are many different anxiety related sleep disorders that are found in people today. When this is the case, medications can sometimes help to relieve the anxiety and allow people to get the sleep that they need in the night. If the right amount of sleep is not gotten every night, then people’s bodies begin to break down and they are not able to concentrate or deal with life’s issues as well day to day. In some cases, the medications do not apply, and people will need to go to counseling to help with the problem, or take some relaxation courses to learn how to relieve their anxiety. There are also some sleep disorders that occur mostly in children. One of these is sleep terror disorder, in which the child will cry and scream during the night while sleeping.

Symptoms Of Sleep Terror Disorder

When a child is having sleep terror disorder, there are some things that are different from just having a normal nightmare, which all children will experience once in a while. The children with a sleep terror disorder will have an episode about one and a half hours after going to bed and falling asleep. The child will then seem like he is awake in the bed, often screaming and crying, but will not be comforted by the consoling done by his parents. With the sleep terror disorder, even though the child seems to be awake, he is not, and he will usually cry and thrash around until the terror episode is over. Usually, at the end of the episode, the child will just relax and go back to regular sleep. Unfortunately, the episodes with sleep terror disorder can last from a couple of minutes to a half an hour in extreme cases.

Fortunately, however, the children usually do not remember the night terror in the morning. Even if the children wake up in the night, they still usually cannot remember the dream that they had which was so frightening. Usually the children who have sleep terror disorder will outgrow it in time. There are not many treatment options for those children who have sleep terror disorder, as medications are usually not appropriate in most cases. Only if the terrors develop into a situation where the children become dangerous to themselves or others, acting out their dreams in real life, will medication be introduced to the situation. Normally, the best medicine in these cases is for the parents to go and comfort the children in the night until the nightmare is over with.