Nannies to help with sleep

Hiring a nanny to help with sleep – either yours or your baby’s – is a good idea especially after the baby is first home and mother needs some rest. . But finding a dependable nanny is an anxiety for mothers especially those who work outside the home.

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are around 5 million working mothers in the United States, and about 51 percent of first time mothers, returned to work within one month. In record breaking numbers, families are turning to nannies as a solution for their childcare needs. As well as everyone’s sleeping needs.

Hiring a nanny is a large commitment.  Many parents use a “nanny contract” that lays out clearly the terms of employment before the hiring is complete.

One of the largest reasons for nanny turnover seems to be parents who have unreasonable expectation and, for the nanny, requirements such as extra hours or chores. On the other hand, parents are often not happy with nannies who ask for extras, such as overnight guests, making long distance calls on the parent’s phone, and using the nanny car for personal reasons.  These are all issues that should be taken care of before hiring.

Good communication is clearly the most important part of the nanny-parent relationship. Parents and nannies should communicate well on providing a nurturing environment for the children which is the very point of hiring a nanny. A detailed and mutual satisfying contract is the first step in making the nanny-parent relationship work.

A good nanny contract contains a detailed outline that spells out the nanny’s responsibilities as well as goals for the children’s growth and progress. It also clearly states the nanny’s salary and pay dates, as well as any deductions for taxes, social security, and health insurance if any.

Some issues you may also consider putting in a nanny contract are:

•    How often is overnight care expected and will there be additional pay?
•    A travel schedule which details when the nanny is expected to leave town with the family, what needs will be made for the nanny’s comfort while traveling, how many hours of work will be needed while out of town, and what additional pay will be provided.
•    An agreement on a nanny’s mealtimes, and what foods will be provided accordance with his or her needs.
•    An agreement concerning the children’s dietary needs and what meals the nanny will be preparing..
•    Agreements for use of the nanny car, including automobile insurance.
•    A schedule of meetings between the parents and nanny to encourage communication.
•    Sick days and how they will be handled.
•    Vacation days and how they will be handled

A detailed nanny contract is important if a live-in nanny is hired.  A fair contract make certain that everyone concerned gets the most out of the care nanny’s provide to the children.

And a good nanny, who either lives in or stays over night occasionally, will be worth the money, so that everyone in the family gets nights of good quality sleep.

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